Cailiff Jonathan Abbylie


My son was born very healthy. It happened 10 years ago. He was just 2 months that time when he got high fever and showed very weak movement. So, we decided to bring him to the emergency room. The doctor said he was ok and gave him medicine for his fever. So we brought him back home, but on the way out from the hospital, I felt something was not right with my son, so I brought him back to ER and insisted the doctor to do something for him.

When I put him back on the bed, he started to get seizure. His eyes rolled back and his body stiff. The doctor then put medication for the seizure. Based on the doctor’s observation he needed to be put in the hospital with NICU. So we moved him with ambulance to the other hospital. I was crushed. He was just two months old and he had to suffered like this. After we reached the hospital, the doctor checked him thoroughly, took his blood sample, etc for the details.

He was admitted to NICU and the result came out with sepsis. I never heard that disease before and totally confused why he got that disease. The doctor explained that his colon was bleeding and he needed to take his blood out and need to do blood tranfusion too for him. My son was trying to fight with the disease. The doctor said the chance is of being survive is 50:50 … But praise God, he was survive after staying in NICU for 7 days. He is now a healthy boy.

Source: Rebecca, mother