Brittney Ramos


In the beginning of July I had found out I was pregnant. I was super excited to welcome a new little one. Well that all took a crashing turn. I had been spotting for about a week so I went to local ER. After all the tests came back, the doctors said well, you miscarried, so go home and bleed it out. So I went home the next day. (Sepsis and Pregnancy & Childbirth)

I didn’t feel good but wasn’t too worried. Well the following day when waking up, I felt as if I was dying so my husband brought me to a different hospital. Shortly after arriving I was admitted to the ICU for post partum sepsis along with an infection in my uterus. I had to have 3 D&Cs done Everyone was telling me I liked like death. Well the doctor said I was very close. Now 5 months later I’m still not back to normal and I have problems sleeping. My kidneys are severely damaged and I’m only 33. I’m always scared that if I’m sick it’s going to turn to sepsis. I’m glad I was one if the lucky ones who made it but I keep losing weight. Since July I’ve lost about 50 pounds