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Bonnie Deatkine


My sepsis started with an infection in the urinary tract. (Sepsis and UTIs) I have had problems in that area for over 40 years, and I have always treated it with over-the-counter medication. My mother had trouble with her urinary tract for years, and advised me what to use and what was best.

I was a guest at a Bunko when I started acting weird. A friend there knew the reason and called my husband to pick me up and take me to the emergency room. I don’t remember any of this. The next morning the doctor told me if I’d not gone to the hospital when I did, I would have died during the night.

I am 76 years young. I do Zumba and water aerobics three times a week. I have exercised avidly since I had polio when I was 11 and had to learn to walk again. I stress to all seniors to exercise regularly till you can’t.

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