Becky Anderson


It was a Sunday and I would spend the day sleeping, I didn’t know why I was so tired but just kind of felt bad. My husband just thought I was getting a cold or the flu until Monday morning came and I got out of bed and my feet were freezing. I tried everything to keep them warm from putting them in front of a little floor heater to going into bath tub and running hot water over them but nothing was helping.

At one point I did throw up but my husband decided he would stay with me and not leave for work that morning and was so glad he did. He kept trying to convince me to go to hospital but I didn’t want to go until I decided to try and eat some cereal. My mouth was starting to become numb and it went down hill from there. He said I started to get a different color to my face, so I got my clothes on and was having a hard time and then we were on our way to what seemed to be the longest ride ever! I remember telling him to hurry up because I was really feeling bad and was so scared.

Made it to hospital and the nurses took one look at me and said we have to get her to a room and I remember the nurses in there saying to hurry up and get the doctor. I was told I was turning black and blue, and the next thing I remember was being on a table and them saying we are going to have to intubate her and from there I don’t remember anything.

I went into hospital February 14, 2011 and left the middle of April without both my feet and part of my ring finger on my right hand. (Sepsis and Amputations) I had a bacterial blood infection from my dog licking a scratch on my face which was a cat scratch. (Sepsis and Bacterial Infections) They found dog saliva in my system after many many tests and they expected me to die but I fooled them. I remember waking up, I think about a month later, and my toes on both of my feet were black, I never will forget that. They amputated my right leg below the knee first, as they were trying to save my left foot but ended up later getting it amputated too, plus one part of my finger on right hand.

I was a lucky girl because they said my nose and ears were black and my hands too, but it all returned back to normal with some scarring on my face and some other places. My husband said I had huge blisters on both of my wrists, why I still don’t know. My organs were fine after a while, so I’m happy about that. I still have many questions even after 7 years but nothing like I had from all the terrible dreams I had and spent months trying to figure out what my dreams meant I think I even saw that bright light everybody talks about when they are dying! So I had sepsis I guess from my bacterial blood infection with a low immune system that went into septic shock is the way I understand but entered hospital walking and left in a wheel chair. I suffer from bad burning pain in my stumps which the doctors really have done nothing to help me with, but have gone thru a lot of different things which I can’t get into now cause it would be like writing a book, haha! I suffered from ptsd trying to put everything together just will drive you crazy but I’m better now and I am so lucky to still be her on this earth thanks to my drs and all the prayers I received! That’s my story at least what I remember of it.