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Anne Cassidy


I thought I had the flu coming on and I called my colleague to say I wouldn’t be coming in. Within 3 hours I started to have terrible pains in my lower back. My legs were shaking and I started collapsing when I tried to stand up. The doctor came to my house and I was taken to emergency unit.

The treatment at first was to give me pain killers and leave me in a room alone. They did blood tests and 2 days later after me having fallen into a zombie like state, realized I had sepsis. Shocking treatment until I was moved to another hospital and put on intravenous antibiotics. I thought I’d had a stroke when I woke up the third day. I stayed for 6 weeks in hospital then 6 weeks of antibiotics at home still having physio now after 5 months. Feeling better but still get odd pains and stiff neck. I actually had an abscess on my spine which is quite rare. Still not sure how it all started though. (Sepsis and Bacterial Infections)

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