Angel Luepnitz


The father of my almost one year old son, myself and my son had traveled down to Indiana about 4 hours from our home in Michigan to celebrate my son’s first birthday, which is on Oct, 8th but we had planned to visit the 1-6th of October due to my work schedule. The night before we had left for Indiana I suspected I might be getting a UTI and didn’t think much about it. (Sepsis and Urinary Tract Infections) I figured if it got worse I’d go to the doctor and self medicate with pure cranberry juice in the meantime.

The first night I peed a lot. Almost every time I ended up wetting myself, I just couldn’t seem to make up the stairs and to the restroom in time. And then the following day we went out thrift store shopping and I felt terrible, something I hadn’t really felt before, I had a horrible headache, and felt chilly. As the evening progressed the headache got worse and my lower back started killing me so I asked my mom for a heating pad and had taken down to the basement where we stayed in the guest room. I fell asleep and woke up cuddling my son and was shaking terribly and freezing but soaked from sweat.

Now I’m thinking I’m getting sick, sick like the flu bug or something? The next day I could barely move, and wanted so bad to get up to go to the hospital but couldn’t. My mom said to me “get up we are taking you to hospital.” I asked her to give me a Tylenol and let me lay there another 30 minutes. My mom came back after 30 minutes and helped me upstairs and into the car. The hospital was about 30 minutes away. I fell asleep off and on til we arrived. They ran blood work and cultures and said I had a urinary tract and kidney infection and sent me home with antibiotics and pain killers. The next few days of our stay and during my son’s birthday party I still felt ill but good enough to move but still achy and tired.

The last day we were getting ready to head home and had made it out the door and on the road. We were just around the corner when one of my two cats that traveled with us had taken a poop in the cat carrier so we decided to turn around and go back to my mom’s to clean it out. As I walk back in the house my mom was on the phone . The doctor from the hospital had just called right before I walked in and I got on the phone and he says “you need to get back to this hospital asap and I suggest you don’t leave right now and get here. We have found that you are septic and need to get you IV antibiotics right away.” So I followed his orders. I’ve heard of people dying from sepsis so I was a little anxious and scared.

The hospital admitted me and kept me for the next few days until they were comfortable letting me go home. They sent me home with a twelve day, three times a day antibiotic regimen. As of right now I have another follow up and more blood tests to take to make sure everything is good. I can’t help but constantly worry about if this will happen again. I gave up on having a child due to my age of 39 and never being able to get pregnant and then my surprise pregnancy happened, I can’t die now. That’s my story

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