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Andrew Hernandez

Andrew Hernandez

I have been receiving chemotherapy since June 2021 and there are times when I get tired and fatigued, among other things. I am also type 2 diabetic. (Sepsis and Impaired Immune System, Sepsis and Diabetes) I had not been feeling well over the weekend so I called in sick on Monday.

I felt tired, fatigued and was breathing more rapidly than usual. Other symptoms that came into play was urinating frequently and with urgency. I decided to take a nap on Mon. Aug 23rd and apparently slumped to the floor and became semi conscious. Finally, after a few hours my wife called EMS. At the ER my BP was 50/30 and my temp was 91F. I had Kussmaul respirations [a type of hyperventilation]. I was in trouble. As it turned out I had sepsis which brought on diabetic ketoacidosis.

My blood sugar was 620 and my skin was mottled all over my body. I was out of it. I was transferred to the ICU in restraints because I wanted to pull at the IVs and femoral line. I experienced hallucinations and very vivid nightmares. (Sepsis and Hallucinations) After 3 days in ICU receiving really great care I was stabilized and felt so much better and was transferred out. 3 more days in the hospital and I was in pretty good shape and was discharged.

In reviewing my labs and vital signs and treatment after the fact I feel very fortunate to have survived, it was that close. They think the infection started in my gut. I have recovered well and have no noticeable lingering effects. I learned a lot about listening to my body from this and will put that to use in the future.

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