Ana Anusic


Posted on October 12th, 2018

Slavica, daughter

My Mum passed away on the 2nd of August this year. It was UTI twice not recognized by the doctors. (Sepsis and Urinary Tract Infections)
In April, she was a 77-year-old mother, grandma and great-grandma, living on her own, taking care of herself. Just enjoying the company of her children and their children, her pet kitty, tending to the flower bed in the front yard and vegetable garden in the back, going to church on Sundays and visiting neighbors for a cup of coffee in the afternoons.

Then in May she developed strange symptoms: severe backpain, fatigue, slept during the day more, she had difficulty walking, so I moved in with her for two weeks. In those 2 weeks things got worse. The doctor came every day to give her painkiller shots. He thought the pain was spine related as she had 2 discs damaged. She lost the ability to walk, and she couldn’t talk anymore. At that point we rushed her to the hospital. Turned out to be sepsis…and it started as a UTI.

She was in intensive care for 2 weeks. For 3 days it was touch and go but she pulled through and was actually getting better. She even made a few baby steps, started to walk again. That was the last time I saw her smiling.
Next day the hospital announced that they are going to release her. My sister and I made a joint decision and put her in a nursing home expecting she will get the professional help and care she needs there.

In the nursing home things weren’t personalized but more routine work. She needed a more human approach. The routine just didn’t work for her. She got another UTI. I saw the same strange symptoms, recognized them, spoke to the new doctor, doctor number three, nurses, caretakers, manager of the nursing home…tried to be polite, civil, then fussy ended up yelling at each and every person that came in contact with her. The manager even asked me to take her elsewhere if I’m not satisfied with their work. Everybody labeled me as a difficult person, ignored me and assumed they know better. The doctor finally started treating her with antibiotics. I think he reacted at least 4 days too late. The treatment didn’t help. I demanded that they take her back to the hospital where she was treated and saved earlier. I was ignored again. She was getting worse. Lost the ability to talk again. One night hey took her to the Emergency room but to a different hospital. She was just sent back to the nursing home with a new treatment. Antibiotics number two. Didn’t help her. She passed away on the 2nd of August this year.