Alyne Vasques da Silva


I spent a good part of the time looking for help in medical offices followed by several hospitalizations without any probable diagnosis, that’s when dyspnea, severe pain, high fever, edema and confusion started.

It was then that I went to the operating room and found that I had a complicated asymptomatic appendicitis, which rendered me several days in a coma struggling in the ICU to cure sepsis, with some more severe complications came mediastinitis, necrosis in a part of the intestine , peritonitis and a stopper in the tracheostomy tube that led to a cardiorespiratory arrest that is difficult to reverse. (Sepsis and Appendicitis)

So I survived and had to relearn how to do everything, like walking, eating, etc. I had several surgeries because the organs most affected were the lungs and the intestine. After sepsis, tiredness, lack of disposition and short memory were the consequences, and I don’t remember the past, I just have flashes of who I was. I didn’t even recognize my daughter when I woke up from a coma. I had another surgery to repair an incisional hernia and I need to do another one. It was a daily struggle that fortunately worked and today I am a nurse because it was the way I found to discover the seriousness of the problem I faced. # sepsissurvivor # sepsisalliance # iamsepsissurvivor #stopsepsis #facesofsepsis

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