Alicia S.


I am lucky to be here, lucky to be writing this story. I was finally diagnosed with sepsis – the ER doctor who was arguing with me left the room during the evaluation – and accused me of being a drug addict. I am young and healthy – except for my hip which turns out has a torn muscle. I went in for an MRI less than 24 hours before returning via ambulance because I could not walk and the pain was beyond comprehension.

They were going to send me home after I waited hours for a new doctor to assess me. They aspirated the joint and did not realize it was septic until I said what it looked like. They told me they were going to send me home – I would have died, and came close the weeks I spent in the hospital after finally realizing what was wrong. The journey continues as new hip will be in my future. TIME training cannot happen fast enough! Would love to train my community on this … so vital to treatment and survival!! Bless all of you who have lost loved ones – I have you all in my prayers.