Aiden Yokel


My son Aiden was born on April 11th, 2011. He was a handsome healthy little boy. We went home three days later and there were nothing but smiles.

About a month later I woke up to check on Aiden. He was not responsive as he normally was. He would not open his eyes or respond to my touch. I called his doctor and she told me to take him to the hospital. An hour later we arrived at the hospital.

We got Aiden in through the emergency room doors and he stopped breathing.

From there everything went down hill. They put a breathing tube down his throat had to stick IVs in his bone because his veins were exploding. He turned a purple color and red sores started forming all over his body. That same day we were flown out to Hershey Medical Center.

When I saw him he was swollen, blistered, and did not look like the baby I had seen just a few hours ago. The doctor took one look at him and told me Aiden would not make it through the night. The tests and the labs began and everything came back negative, still my son was sick. He couldn’t breathe on his own, his blood was not clotting, his veins were exploding, and there was blood in his brain.

Then the worst happened….his leg began to turn purple and then turned black. His ankle sank into his foot….

The doctors diagnosed him with an unknown cause of sepsis. On April 31st, 2011, my son went into the OR. He had skin taken off of his scrotum and had his leg amputated. He was two months old. They did skin grafts and praise god Aiden stayed stable through the whole thing. (Sepsis and Children)

I am thankful for the doctor because he had told me the night we arrived, that Aiden was the sickest little boy he had seen and then he said later on that Aiden was the sickest little boy he had seen survive something like this.

Sepsis is a killer and I want it to be known that, yes it can kill but it can also be beat. My son is now home and almost three months old, and doing very well.

Source: by Joy Yokel (Aiden's mother)