Adam Pidgeon


On May 26th 2016 I found my son Adam lay scrunched up on his floor in the kitchen, not knowing why, I immediately started CPR while ringing the emergency services. The emergency services came and took over his treatment but after what seemed an eternity, they couldn’t bring him back. My beautiful first born son, who was 26, had died and I had no idea why.

The paramedics put Adam onto his sofa and I sat there rubbing his hand kissing him and talking to him. I thought the world had ended when they took him from his flat in a body bag but I had to be strong for his brother, which was my 2nd son, and their dad even though we were divorced. But my heart was breaking.

Months later after endless calls to the coroner, I finally got the report I was so desperate for, telling me what Adam had died from and it read: Adam died from sepsis which was caused by gangrenous gallstones and this had triggered his epileptic fits, and fluid filled his lungs. He drowned in his lungs. (Sepsis and Gallstones)

Even though I was relieved to get some answers, I was fuming because of Adam being epileptic, he had a flag on his medical records that if he needed to be seen then, he was to be seen that day but they didn’t give him an appointment until the following day. But had he been seen that day, I do believe that something could of been done and he would still be here telephoning me every night to have our daily chat, putting the world to rights. Everyday I miss him more and more, and wish he was here with me. I tell everyone his story about sepsis and tell people if they think it could be sepsis do not ignore it go straight to the hospital. About 6 months ago I visited a patient at their home and he had symptoms of sepsis, and I alerted his carer and now he’s at home better.

Source: Belinda Pidgeon-Knowles (mother)

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