Sepsis Alliance Celebrates First Founder’s Day

April 25, 2022

In honor of Carl Flatley’s extraordinary commitment to sepsis awareness and education, Sepsis Alliance honors our founder on the 20th anniversary of his daughter’s tragic death to sepsis, which led him to found Sepsis Alliance.  

In April 2002, Erin Kay Flatley went in for a routine outpatient procedure. After being released from the hospital, she developed an infection that went unrecognized and untreated by medical professionals. The infection developed into septic shock, taking her life. Her father, Carl Flatley, DDS, MSD, a retired endodontist, had never heard of “sepsis” before that time.  

Spurned to action, Dr. Flatley founded Sepsis Alliance in 2007 to raise sepsis awareness and provide a resource to survivors, caregivers, and those who lost a loved one to sepsis. In the past 15 years, Sepsis Alliance has grown dramatically and educated millions of people, including healthcare professionals, on sepsis, all in loving memory of Erin.  

To mark 15 years of Sepsis Alliance and 20 painful years without Erin, Sepsis Alliance is declaring April 30th as Founder’s Day, to celebrate and appreciate Dr. Flatley. 

You can help support Sepsis Alliance’s continued work, in memory of Erin and the millions of others lost to sepsis, by making a gift here 

You can also share a message with Dr. Flatley to honor Erin, share how grateful you are for his work, or explain how Sepsis Alliance has helped you, here.


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