Sepsis Alliance Announces New Sepsis Campaign to Focus on Pediatrics

April 18, 2016

Erin’s Campaign for Kids aims to combat the high incidence and mortality rates of sepsis among children. The campaign will create awards and training programs for nurses and health professionals to help identify and treat a disease that kills 12 children each day, resulting in 4400 pediatric deaths annually.

San Diego, California – April 18, 2016. Sepsis Alliance announced the launch of Erin’s Campaign for Kids, an initiative to combat the high incidence and mortality rates of sepsis among children. The campaign is named in honor of Erin Kay Flatley, an aspiring teacher, who died at the age of 23 of sepsis that developed following a routine surgery. Erin’s spirit lives on in the creation of Sepsis Alliance, the nation’s leading organization dedicated to saving lives by increasing awareness of sepsis as a medical emergency.

Erin’s Campaign for Kids is a first-of-its-kind initiative created to address an unmet need: the devastating impact of sepsis on children. According to Pediatric Critical Care Medicine, sepsis kills 12 kids every day, resulting in 4400 pediatric deaths annually. Many of these deaths are completely preventable with early recognition and development of sepsis treatment protocols. The new programs will recognize excellence in pediatric nursing, and also designate an Erin Kay Flatley Spirit Award at the Sepsis Alliance annual Sepsis Heroes gala. Details on awards, training programs, and partnerships will be announced later this year.

“Sepsis Alliance is proud to launch this new campaign to provide solutions to an enduring problem,” Sepsis Alliance Executive Director Thomas Heymann, said. “Considering the dramatic impact that sepsis has on thousands of young Americans every year, it is alarming that fewer than half of American adults have ever heard of it. This initiative is part of a national effort by Sepsis Alliance to promote improvements in awareness, prevention, care and outcomes.”

“As a father who has been devastated by sepsis, I am excited to be working together with Sepsis Alliance to launch Erin’s Campaign for Kids,” Carl Flatley said. “Sepsis is a terrible problem across all ages, but we felt it necessary to shine a light on its impact on the vulnerable youth population. Erin always wanted to inspire young people, and thanks to this special campaign, she will be changing lives, teaching kids about the dangers of sepsis.”

Campaign funding will begin with a multi-year $100,000 grant from the Erin Kay Flatley Foundation. Using this seed grant, Sepsis Alliance and the Erin Kay Flatley Foundation will work to generate additional funds from other sources in order to expand its impact. To learn more about this special initiative please visit

About Sepsis Alliance

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