2.5 Million Lives Impacted: A Year in Review

December 17, 2018

Over 2.5 million lives directly impacted and over 20,000 healthcare providers educated.sepsis, sepsis alliance

With your support, Sepsis Alliance directly impacted over 2.5 million lives and educated over 20,000 healthcare providers in 2018. Sepsis awareness saw a major increase in 2018 with 65% of U.S. adults reporting that they have heard the term sepsis. That’s 16 million more adults aware of the third leading killer in the United States than in 2017!

While we are proud of this past year we know there is more work to be done. There are still millions of people in the U.S. who are affected by sepsis each year and millions of survivors who need our support. We are committed to continue increasing our impact in 2019.

Cheryl Buckley, sepsis, sepsis alliance


“Sepsis Alliance has shown me that I am not the only one and I cannot express what that means.” – Cheryl Buckley G., Sepsis Survivor 


Our impact in 2018:

Sepsis Awareness Reaches 65%: 16 million more reached

Our annual sepsis awareness survey revealed that sepsis awareness reached a new high with 65% of U.S. adults reporting they have heard the term sepsis. That’s 16 million more adults than the previous year!

However, only 12% of adults could correctly identify all the most common symptoms of sepsis.

Our work is not done though. This is why we launched Sepsis: It’s About TIMETM!

Sepsis: It’s About TIMETM: Over 14 million impressions

This past June, we debuted It’s About TIMETM, an award-winning national campaign to raise awareness of the signs and symptoms of sepsis so people know when to seek medical attention and can quickly get the treatment they need.

To help spread this life-saving message, we partnered with America’s Got Talent finalist Angelica Hale to share her personal experience, surviving sepsis when she was only four years old.

It’s About TIMETM included an outdoor billboard campaign that garnered 14 million sepsis awareness impressions across 10 states.

To learn more and help spread awareness, click here!

Sepsis Coordinator Network:  +414,000 hospital beds

In May, we launched the Sepsis Coordinator Network (SCN), a peer-to-peer network that provides healthcare professionals with evidence-based best-practice resources and guidance to improve outcomes for sepsis patients.

In just over six months, the SCN has grown to include more than 1,400 healthcare professionals from across all 50 states, covering more than 414,000 hospital beds.

To learn more, click here.

20+ Sepsis Awareness Events Across the Country

sepsis, sepsis alliance

We are sending a special THANK YOU to all of our amazing volunteers who took time out of their busy lives to host or support a sepsis awareness event in their community this year. Some spectacular highlights include bringing back Step on Sepsis in North Carolina, the Rochester NY Sepsis Challenge doubling attendance, and Stomp Out Sepsis in Rochester, MI, raising $10,000 more than the previous year. Congratulations and thank you for your dedication to raising awareness in your communities!

Interested in bringing an event to your community? Check back early next year when we debut our 2019 event toolkit. It will include ideas and tools to raise awareness in your community. You can also email Alex at asadorf@sepsis.org to learn more.

Sepsis Webinars: +14,000 educated

This year we expanded our free healthcare provider focused webinars. As of November 2018, over 14,000 individuals had registered and/or downloaded our webinars. Topics included pediatric sepsis, maternal sepsis, enhancing recovery from sepsis, and sepsis in older adults. To view one or more of these webinars, click here.

Sepsis: First Response: Over 2,000 views

Image In August, we launched Sepsis: First Response, an award-winning educational video and training module that provides Emergency Medical Service (EMS) personnel with the tools to rapidly identify and begin treating sepsis cases in the field.

Close to 600 healthcare providers have registered for the training module and the companion education video has garnered over 2,000 views so far! If you’d like to check it out, click here. 

When a Loved One Has Sepsis: A Caregiver’s Guide: Over 500 downloaded

In honor of National Family Caregiver Month, Sepsis Alliance released When A Loved One Has Sepsis: A Caregiver’s Guide, a free downloadable resource to help friends and family support and care for loved ones with sepsis and sepsis survivors. Within a month of its release, over 500 copies have already been downloaded.

If you’d like to download this guide, click here.

Will you commit to helping us reach more patients, survivors, caregivers and healthcare providers next year? You can help by making a gift today, click here.

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“Sepsis Alliance answered my questions when no one else could.” – Sepsis Survivor