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Faces of Sepsis: Submission Guidelines

  1. If contributing a survivor story on someone else’s behalf, the person the story is about must be aware and consent to having the story posted on This consent must be in writing and signed by the individual survivor or authorized representative and available should Sepsis Alliance request it.
  2. If submitting a tribute, the contributor should be an immediate family member or have permission from an immediate family member, if one is available. The contributor shall provide written proof of his/her relationship and the appropriate individual’s written and signed consent should Sepsis Alliance request it.
  3. If desired, contributors may use first name, last name initial only, for confidentiality purposes.
  4. Photos are not mandatory, however stories with photos do have higher readership.
  5. Photos submitted with the story must be a non-copyrighted photo of the face of the person the story is about.
  6. Stories submitted with derogatory or inappropriate language will not be published.
  7. Names of facilities or individuals (such as doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals) will not be published.
  8. Links to other pages may be included, but Sepsis Alliance reserves the right to remove any links from any story that do not fit its mission.