Karin Molander

Past Chair, Board of Directors

Karin Molander, MD, is an emergency medicine physician with greater than 25 years in clinical care.  She analyzes quality of care and is passionate about patient education. Dr. Molander became involved in the world of sepsis in 2007, initially training intensivists in Early Goal Directed Therapy.  She served on her hospital Sepsis committee from 2009 to 2015.  As chair from 2011 until 2015 she collaborated with fellow Sutter hospitals as they navigated through a new EHR and a sepsis initiative serving the critical access hospital to the quaternary care center.   She has served on the Sepsis Alliance board since 2018 and was recently their Chair of the Board of Directors. She co-authored a chapter on Sepsis for the American Medical Life Support textbook for Emergency Medical Services and has an updated edition coming out later this year.  She is currently participating in a year long Digital Health Fellowship with the goal of optimizing communication amongst patients and providers.


Sepsis Alliance Institute Webinar