Valerie Barton

Valerie is the Executive Director of the Youth Mental Health Project. She has been working in the health sector for over 25 years and began her career analyzing data and writing regulations at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Before joining the Youth Mental Health Project, she was an executive at several consulting firms, responsible for leading teams that conducted data-driven strategic planning for hospital, health plan, government, association and life sciences clients.

Valerie became motivated to work in furtherance of Sepsis Alliance’s mission due to her mother’s year-long battle with sepsis in 2009. She and her family experienced the devastating consequences of a missed diagnosis of sepsis and the long-term effects of post sepsis syndrome.

In addition to serving on the Sepsis Alliance Advisory Board, Valerie is also an advisor to FasterCures and is a board member of Micah House. She is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh and holds a master’s degree in Economics from Penn State University.


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