Uzma Syed

Uzma Syed, DO is a board-certified Infectious Disease specialist, partner at South Shore Infectious Disease. Additionally, she is Chair of the COVID-19 Task Force and is the Director of the Antimicrobial Stewardship Center of Excellence at Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Center.

Dr. Syed has led several COVID-19 therapeutics clinical trials as the principal investigator. In addition to being a fellow of the Infectious Diseases Society of America, Dr. Syed serves on the Inclusion, Diversity, Access, and Equity Task Force and Value Based Compensation Task Force.

In order to build vaccine confidence across diverse communities, Dr. Syed holds regular town halls educating the public and is a core member of the Faith4Vaccines initiative which provides tools for faith based centers to engage with communities for vaccine education, allocation ,and equity.

Given her passion for vaccine access and equity, Dr. Syed also collaborates with the United States Agency for International Development and serves as a Clinical Advisor to RESOLVE NGO and the Compassionate Care Network.

Dr. Syed speaks nationally and internationally about Infectious Diseases, business leadership, mentorship, women’s rights, education, and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives. Dr. Syed was featured on Tedx for her talk on COVID-19 The Ripple Effect from Neighborhoods to Beyond. Additionally, Dr. Syed is co-editor of the book Coronavirus-from Origin to Outbreak, published by Elsevier. Her second book COVID-19 Viral Sepsis should be released by Elsevier in 2022. Dr. Syed has been featured as an expert in infectious diseases on several media outlets including BBC, CBS, ABC, NPR, New York Times, and Newsweek.

Dr. Syed cares passionately about education. She is the founder and CEO of Align Us Inc, a 501c3 organization providing career mentorship for high school students. She teaches students of all ages, as well as medical residents, about her specialty. As a leading member of the Interfaith Council of Syosset-Woodbury-Jericho, she is a community and youth leader with a focus on teen initiatives. The Eid Holiday Coalition, which Dr. Syed founded and continues to lead, has helped dozens of school districts across the country obtain Eid holidays as official holidays. Dr. Syed has volunteered with UNICEF, the Global Youth Assembly and the United Nations to help promote mobile health to underserved countries.