Lisa Bartlett (Davis)

Lisa Bartlett (Davis) is a software engineer for the federal government.  She has over 20 years of experience programming in multiple languages.  Lisa earned her Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Murray State University in Murray, KY. She participates in several running clubs, Military organizations, and gives as much to charity as possible.  She is a busy mother of 5.  Mrs. Bartlett first contacted Sepsis Alliance in 2013 after the tragic death of her 40-year-old husband, Jeff Davis, in 2012. She has hosted an Annual in Loving Memory of Jeffrey Ray Davis 5K Run/Walk for Sepsis Awareness. This year, the 6th Annual Jeffrey Ray Davis 5K Run/Walk for Sepsis Awareness will be held June 29 in Indianapolis, IN. In addition to the 5K, Lisa has been a Sepsis Ambassador for 2 years, a monthly Circle of Friends contributor since April of 2014, and was named a 2016 Sepsis Hero. Lisa is now a proud Army wife and vows to continue the Annual 5K no matter where the Army takes her. She knows Jeff would be so proud of her testimony and how she’s turned his tragic death from sepsis into a positive one by raising funds for Sepsis Alliance and saving lives by suspecting sepsis first!


“Lisa: A Widow’s Journey: Grief to Advocacy.”  YouTube