John Sperzel

John Sperzel is the President, Chief Executive Officer, and member of the Board of Directors at T2 Biosystems (NASDAQ: TTOO), a leader in the rapid detection of sepsis-causing pathogens.

Prior to T2 Biosystems, John served as President, CEO, and Board member at Chembio Diagnostics, Inc. (NASDAQ: CEMI), a leading point-of-care diagnostics company focused on infectious diseases, and as President, CEO, and Board member at ITC Medical, a point-of-care diagnostics company owned by Warburg-Pincus. Previously, John held executive and commercial leadership positions at Axis-Shield (Abbott), Bayer Diagnostics (Siemens), Instrumentation Laboratory, and Boehringer Mannheim (Roche).

John earned a Bachelor of Science in Business/Management from Plymouth State University. After surviving an acute, life-threatening illness that resulted in a heart transplant, John is passionate about advancing life-saving technologies.


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