Armando Nahum

Armando Nahum is the Co-Founder and President of Safe Care Campaign, an organization dedicated on Infection Prevention and a Principal of H2Pi (the Healthcare and Patient Partnership Institute), a premiere organization helping hospitals develop Patient and Family Councils for Quality and Safety (PDACQS®).  

Armando currently sits on the CDC Council on Infection Prevention, the Georgia Hospital Association Advisory Board to Prevent Infection, the Georgia Department of Public Health HAI Advisory Committee, a member of MedStar Health System Patient and Family Advisory Council for Quality and Safety (SPFACQS) and a voting member of the Presidential Advisory Council for Combating Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria (PACCARB). 

Armando is the Patient and Family Advisor for MedStar Health Sepsis System Initiative. Through his work, he has been instrumental in passing legislation in Maryland, produce a Sepsis video for Patients and Families education, reduce mortality to 35% and win the Sherman Award as well as the Circle of Honor for Patient Safety Innovation from the Maryland Patient Safety Center. 

Armando Nahum is Director, Center for Engaging Patients as Partners at MedStar Institute for Quality and Safety (MIQS). 

Armando is a founding member of Patients for Patient Safety US (PFPS US) within the World Health Organization (WHO). 


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