Raymond E. Butler


Posted on June 9th, 2017

Angel (Raymond's daughter)

My father Raymond was admitted to the hospital on December 8. He was admitted because his white blood count was extremely high. The doctors and nurses said he would only be there a few days.

Less that 12 hours later, my father was admitted to ICU. His blood pressure, heart rate and breathing became very unstable. He stayed there for 3 weeks. He never recognized anyone except for a few seconds here and there. After 3 weeks, he was finally moved to a regular room. All tests, MRI, CAT scans, blood work, were all coming back normal. No one could understand why his mind wasn’t coming back. A few days later, he went to a nursing home.

Less than 24 hours later my father went back to the hospital because he was found unresponsive and his temperature was low. Damage from the infection had caused him to have a small stroke and heart attack, neither of which would have caused permanent damage. He died January 8, 2017. Our suspicion was confirmed when the tissue and organ bank called because he was a donor and they couldn’t use anything because there was too much damage.