Lisa Richmond


Posted on June 2nd, 2017

I was in ICU for 4.5 days then in Critical Care for 4 days.
I had a pneumonia and sepsis! (Sepsis and Pneumonia)

I was on 80mg steroids for a year then weaned off for another 4 months. It has been almost two years since I became ill! I have trouble breathing. If I carry heavy things, walk to much or just do house hold chores, then I have to sit and recoup. It is such a struggle to do things now, but I am a lot better than I was.

My mind is not the same! Words don’t come out the way I mean at times and my memory is gone.

Our house was burnt down by a neighbor kid (no insurance and was married 40 years at the time, lost my car and pet as well), then my husband got rear ended in a vehicle accident (so no income), which messed up his neck and shoulder. Then a few months later he was ill for months and come to find out he lost the thyroid in his throat and was living off the one in his brain and his kidneys are 57% gone, so then as he is getting back on his feet, I end up in bed felling like I was just drug out, like a cold was going to hit but hadn’t. Then I told my husband to take me in and I was told I had pneumonia, to go home take this big bag of medicine and go back in a week, which I did! Although by this time none of the medication made me feel any better and I couldn’t breath very well now. My immune system had shut down.

14 collapsed veins later and a team of 5 doctors I’m recovering, but I wonder if I will ever truly will completely recover, I guess only time will tell! I’m on medication for hypertension, blood pressure, arthritis, and stress now! Also the bottom right side of heart doesn’t work right.

I have realistic dreams and trouble falling asleep. The doctor thinks that the high altitude and living in this small trailer (hidden mold) has a lot to do with my breathing not being up to par?

It is nice to read what others have gone through as it helps me understand I’m not alone, and others have post symptoms as well! I never heard of sepsis until I got it!!! After reading what some of you are dealing with…what I’ve gone through is minor!
Take care!
Sepsis Survivor!!!