Krystaline Kraus


Posted on November 4th, 2016

Salut everyone. I’m pretty young and was super healthy – like run for miles healthy – and then I had a devastating accident that caused spinal cord damage and a whole lot of metal hardware installed into my back because my spine basically crashed down like a building demolition.

Four surgeries later and having to re-learn how to walk twice – don’t ask me how babies do it, it’s real hard!

Then one day I got a nick on the bottom part of the scar, which was all cool and narly. A blister formed, broke, and was weeping fluid. Months and months went by and my GP kept an eye on it. I was getting more tired but I just thought it was because my life was awesome.

Then one. day. it. all. fell. apart.

What my surgeon said would be day surgery, or at worst overnight, suddenly became a nightmare long surgery and long hospital stay. I knew what sepsis was but no idea how to cure it. They had be on two IVs pumping in 3 grams – yes, GRAMS — of vancomycin until another doctor said that was wayyyy too much, but it actually worked.

Actually, the point I want to make is never forget who might be stuck in the hospital, isolated and alone fighting this horrible poison. They need your help and support no matter how bad the news or diagnosis.

If I hadn’t had David there advocating for my needs I know I would have been neglected.

When I was released, I still had a PICC line in for I think two months with a nurse to give me the IV antibiotics morning and night and the line broke twice but my support people never gave up on me and that is what I needed most.

So regardless the prognosis, never ever give up on someone!