Terms of Use: Sepsis Alliance Materials, Graphics, and Logos

Using Sepsis Alliance Awareness Material

Thank you for wanting to help spread sepsis awareness. Whether you’re a sepsis coordinator looking for information to help provide educational opportunities for your facility’s staff or you’re a member of the public who wishes to raise awareness in your community, you’ve come to the right place. Sepsis Alliance has a large variety of learning tools you can use. Please read this page to learn how the materials may or may not be used.


The copyright for Sepsis Alliance materials, including but not limited to videos, logos, posters, and infographics, is owned by Sepsis Alliance. Any time Sepsis Alliance information or tools are used, the organization’s logo must remain part of the product and be visible. At no time may the logo be removed. Products, whole or partial, cannot be used without credit to Sepsis Alliance.

Printable Tools

Sepsis Alliance provides, free of charge, many documents formatted for printing and distribution by members of the public and healthcare professionals. For example, the Sepsis Information Guides (SIGs) may be downloaded, printed, and distributed for personal use or distributed for educational use among patients, clients, and staff. These types of materials can be used provided you abide by the terms of use. The terms of use are outlined below.

Unless otherwise stated, Sepsis Alliance owns all intellectual property rights of the documents, tools, infographics, images, and videos available on the website.

  • You must use the materials as presented. You may not edit any materials or change the content, in any way. You also may not reformat, republish, or reproduce the materials included within the documents, tools, infographics, images, and videos.
  • You may not sell, rent, or sub-license any Sepsis Alliance materials or parts of the materials.
  • You may use any Sepsis Alliance material, including videos, on an intraweb within your facility or organization for educational purposes, providing the logo is not altered. If your organization wishes to have its logo on materials provided by Sepsis Alliance, this can be arranged. Please contact Sepsis Alliance at info@sepsis.org for more information on the process and associated costs.

Sepsis Alliance Logos

The logos associated with Sepsis Alliance, including but not limited to Sepsis Alliance, Sepsis: It’s About TIME™, Sepsis Heroes, Sepsis Superheroes, Erin’s Campaign for Kids, and BUGS, may not be used in any form not associated with or directly approved by Sepsis Alliance.

For example, if you are hosting a Sepsis Superheroes Challenge, you may not use the Sepsis Superheroes logo to create your own materials such as capes, stickers, or marketing materials. You should reach out to Sepsis Alliance at info@sepsis.org to discuss options for a Superhero Challenge in your facility.


Sepsis Alliance depends on grassroots fundraising in order to produce and provide high quality sepsis education tools. If you are holding a fundraiser for the organization, please use the “Benefitting Sepsis Alliance” logo, available on the site.

If you are raising funds and sepsis awareness on behalf of Sepsis Alliance, please contact the office at info@sepsis.org to inquire about the materials you may use for your event.

Social Media

Sepsis Alliance encourages anyone to share social media flyers and infographics containing the Sepsis Alliance logo. When possible, you are encouraged to use associated hashtags, such as #SepsisAwarenessMonth, #SepsisAwawreness, and to tag @SepsisAlliance. You are not allowed to crop or edit these materials.

Ordering Brochures

Sepsis Information Guides and other documents may be downloaded and distributed. However, if your organization prefers to distribute brochures or the Sepsis Caregiver Guide, which are already printed, they can be ordered from Sepsis Alliance. Shipping is free within the continental United States. Please visit the Sepsis Alliance shop to order.