2020 Sepsis Hero: Emanuel Rivers, MD, MPH

Emanuel Rivers“The work of Dr. Rivers and his colleagues has had a significant impact on sepsis care in the United States and elsewhere.”

Emanuel P. Rivers, MD, MPH, is an emergency medicine and critical care specialist. He is vice chairman and director of research in emergency medicine at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, MI. He is a Clinical Professor at Wayne State University. Sepsis Alliance is pleased to announce that Dr. Rivers is also a 2020 Sepsis Hero.

Dr. Rivers has been at the forefront of sepsis research and care for several years, and has published several articles on sepsis diagnosis and management. His landmark paper, published in November 2001, supported and expanded early goal directed therapy. This improved early sepsis care to all hospitalized patients who had signs of severe sepsis or septic shock. This approach expanded the hospital landscape to include patients from the emergency department, general practice floors, and the critical care unit. Facilities across the country took notice of this concept and adapted it to suit their needs and save lives.

Dr. Rivers lives in the Detroit metropolitan area (Franklin, Michigan) and enjoys his leisure time following his daughter who is a gymnast at Louisiana State University and son who played football at Oberlin College, Ohio.

The work of Dr. Rivers and his colleagues has had a significant impact on sepsis care in the United States and internationally. Many lives have been saved over the years and this is why Sepsis Alliance has welcomed Dr. Rivers as a Sepsis Hero.

Dr. Rivers and his fellow Sepsis Heroes will be honored during the 9th Annual Sepsis Heroes gala on September 17, 2020. To learn more, click here