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2019 Sepsis Hero: Stop Sepsis at Home

Stop Sepsis at Home, empowering home health clinicians against sepsis

Stop Sepsis at Home, sepsis, sepsis heroes

Stop Sepsis at Home is an initiative of the Home Care Association of New York (HCA).  Through this initiative, HCA and partner organizations created the nation’s first sepsis assessment tool, algorithm, and protocol designed for use by home health clinicians, with applicability to other community health settings and providers.

Home care providers are in a unique position in the healthcare world, working with community members in their home and familiar environments. Given that more than 80% of sepsis cases begin in the community, Stop Sepsis at Home has the ability to have a significant impact on many lives.

Stop Sepsis at Home provides in-depth statewide training programs for home care clinicians, agency leaders, and clinical partners on the use of the HCA sepsis screening tool, including technical and case-review presentations, conferencing, statewide user calls, data sharing and distribution of supportive resources. Stop Sepsis at Home also includes a patient education zone tool, comprehensive training and an implementation toolkit for providers, and a data analytical component through a provider accessible portal.

Through Stop Sepsis At Home provider training and guidance, the initiative has been adopted by home health providers serving 55 of the New York State’s 62 counties, with the remaining counties working to adopt it. Over 2000 individuals have been comprehensively trained through the initiative since it first began.

The program leader of Stop Sepsis At Home is Al Cardillo, President and CEO of HCA; the clinical leader is Amy Bowerman, Executive Director of Senior Net Health and Quality Director for the VNA of Utica; and the QIO Clinical and Education Leader is Sara Butterfield, Senior Quality Director at IPRO.

Sepsis Alliance is proud to name Stop Sepsis At Home a 2019 Sepsis Heroes. Al Cardillo will be accepting the award on behalf of HCA’s Stop Sepsis At Home team at the Sepsis Heroes Gala in New York City.

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