Raise Your Voice

In March 2024, supercharge your advocacy. Join us for Raise Your Voice, a month of sepsis advocacy action!

Complete one advocacy action per week in March to support sepsis patients, survivors, and their loved ones. Help us reach our community goal of 1,000 actions in March!

Continue reading to learn more. Download the advocate guide by clicking below!

Raise Your Voice Advocate Guide
Sepsis Alliance Voices: Submit an Appropriations Request
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WEEK 1: MARCH 4-10, 2024

Secure Support for Lulu’s Law

Lulu’s Law will develop a U.S. strategy for responding to sepsis and improve the collection of privacy-protected sepsis data. It will help to answer our many unanswered questions about sepsis and improve our ability to diagnose and treat it.

Before it can become law, Lulu’s Law needs more support in Congress! Reach out to your Congressional representatives about this life-saving bill.

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WEEK 2: MARCH 11-17, 2024

Send a Letter to the Editor About Maternal Sepsis

Sepsis is the second leading cause of pregnancy-related death in the U.S., and the U.S. has one of the highest maternal mortality rates in the industrialized world. With suggested language provided by Sepsis Alliance, send your local newspaper a letter to the editor about this widespread maternal health crisis.

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WEEK 3: MARCH 18-24, 2024

Submit an Appropriations Request

Congress is currently deciding what projects and initiatives will receive federal funding for the next fiscal year. Through an official request known as an appropriations request, Sepsis Alliance is asking Congress to set aside funding for the collection of privacy-protected sepsis data. View Sepsis Alliance’s free and virtual training to learn how to submit your own appropriations request in support of improved sepsis data.

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WEEK 4: MARCH 25-31, 2024

Community Advocacy Your Way!

Raise awareness of sepsis among your friends, family, colleagues, and neighbors! This week, choose one or more actions from the list below: