Why Our Charity Ratings Matter

November 8, 2022

As we approach GivingTuesday and the end of the year, a time of generous financial giving in the United States, Sepsis Alliance would like to share some information about charity ratings and what makes us a good steward of your financial gifts.  

Sepsis Alliance is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, meaning that we are a charity group organized for purposes other than generating profit. The money raised by Sepsis Alliance goes towards our mission of saving lives and reducing suffering by improving sepsis awareness and care. This comes in the form of webinars; downloadable resources; educational videos; a support community; fact sheets; and reliable, up-to-date website information, to name a few of our offerings. Some of the money that Sepsis Alliance receives, either through grants, sponsorships, or contributions from generous supporters, does support staff and administrative costs associated with running an organization. Sepsis Alliance is proud that 78% of funds raised go towards programming, in line with other reputable organizations such Susan G. Komen for the Cure (77.4%), Make-A-Wish Foundation (69.1%), and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (74.3%). We are grateful for your generous gifts and we work tirelessly to ensure the funds help provide resources that raise sepsis awareness and save lives.  

Part of our commitment to transparency with the funds raised is to submit our financial statements and organizational goals to charity rating sites. Have you noticed the “Guidestar” and “Great Nonprofits” logos at the bottom of our monthly newsletter and footer of Sepsis.org? We earned these seals through transparent and meaningful work with the funds that we have been gifted.  

The Guidestar Platinum Seal of Transparency indicates that we “share clear and important information with the public about goals, strategies, capabilities, achievements, and progress…highlighting the difference made in the world.” Guidestar surveys tax documents, self-submitted organizational goals and milestones, and external reviews to make a determination, and Sepsis Alliance is pleased to hold their highest honor.  

Great Nonprofits bases their reviews solely on information from our donors and supporters. Throughout the year, people are encouraged to leave a review of Sepsis Alliance on Great Nonprofits, and if we receive enough positive reviews each year, we are classified as a “Top-Rated” nonprofit. This designation is particularly special to us, knowing that we are truly providing meaningful resources and education to our supporters. (You can leave your own review, by clicking here.)  

Sepsis Alliance is dedicated to remaining a transparent and reliable steward of your gifts. It is only with your help that we can continue to provide the resources to save lives and reduce suffering from sepsis. Thank you for your continued support!  

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