Signatures needed – Mandatory Sepsis Protocols

November 28, 2018


Lisa Bartlett, a 2016 Sepsis Hero, lost her husband to sepsis. Mandatory sepsis protocols may have saved his life. To help save others, Lisa started a petition demanding mandatory sepsis protocols. She needs 100,000 signatures by December 14th.

Keep reading to learn what inspired Lisa to take action.

I lost my 40-year-old husband, Jeff, to misdiagnosed sepsis in 2012.  I’ve seen the devastation of sepsis over and over again since then and have been working with Sepsis Alliance to raise awareness and help save lives and limbs ever since. 

One day I got a Navy email about President Trump just passing National Disability Employment Awareness Month in October and I thought maybe he would pass National Sepsis Awareness Month in September.  So Denny Kidd started a local petition for mandatory sepsis protocols and I started sharing it on social media along with the request for National Sepsis Awareness month.  We obtained 1,000 signatures and personally sent it to President Trump. 

Then I heard on the radio one day about the White House petition to Make bus stop safety a federal law so I decided to bring sepsis before the White House demanding mandatory sepsis protocols in ALL healthcare facilities and the deceleration of September as National Sepsis Awareness Month.  I have until December 14 to obtain 100,000 signatures for the White House to respond.  Please help us meet that goal and possibly change the future of sepsis!

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To learn more about Lisa and Jeff, click here.