“Sepsis Swarm” a Sepsis Music Video

October 1, 2018

By Pamela Crouse, RN BSHM LSSYB

As Sepsis Coordinator for Houston Northwest Medical Center, an HCA Gulf Coast Division hospital, I created a unique motivational tool to reinforce the importance of early recognition and timely interventions for sepsis.  One of the lines in the song is to “recognize, take action STAT, you might just save a life”.   Our process is for our Team to “swarm” the patient to make sure treatment is timely, especially the initial dose of broad-spectrum antibiotic within one hour to lessen the risk of mortality.  The inclusion of multiple healthcare staff members in the project promoted awareness and provided an incentive to participate in our Sepsis Fair.

The “Do the Sepsis Swarm” song was written, arranged and recorded by my husband and me in our make-shift home studio. We were accompanied by a co-worker’s college-bound son who was willing to jazz it up with his saxophone and vocals.  The hospital staff enjoyed participating in the video, and we look forward to future projects, one of which will focus on Community Sepsis Awareness.  Credits and copyrights are scrolled at the end of the video.