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July 6, 2020

sepsis alliance

The organization’s visual identity refresh incorporates a cohesive design and color scheme for all its subsidiary brands, which support its overall mission to save lives and reduce suffering by improving sepsis awareness and care. 

Sepsis Alliance, the nation’s first and leading sepsis organization, is pleased to introduce a new brand logo and visual identity that builds on the organization’s expertise and leadership in sepsis awareness and care. 

The main element of the organization’s rebrand is a new logo. The logo represents Sepsis Alliance’s expertise, leadership, and authority on all aspects of sepsis and sepsis care, with a design that is reminiscent of a mountaintop and features the “S” and “A” initials of the organization in a bold, fresh way. These lines also represent the physical and emotional highs and lows that patients, caregivers, and survivors of sepsis may experience.  

“We’re very excited to announce the first major rebranding effort that Sepsis Alliance has introduced since the organization was founded in 2007,” said Thomas Heymann, President and Executive Director of Sepsis Alliance. “As we look to the future of the organization, we feel this brand refresh helps us to cohesively reach our audiences and stakeholders and boldly paves the way for us to continue the fight against sepsis.” 

Along with the new logos, Sepsis Alliance is implementing a new purposeful visual identity with a color palette that conveys the organization’s unwavering commitment to help those with sepsis and provide hope for the future. The bold cardinal red and strong charcoal paired with mulberry provide a sense of determination, strength, and passion. 

In addition to the main logo, the visual identities for Sepsis Alliance’s subsidiary brands (Sepsis Alliance Institute, Sepsis Alliance Clinical Community, and Sepsis Alliance Voices), are also being updated to illustrate how they all work together to further the organization’s mission. The Sepsis Alliance Institute (formerly The Sepsis Institute) and Sepsis Alliance Clinical Community (formerly Sepsis Coordinator Network) are programs designed to offer sepsis education, best practice resources, and free tools for healthcare providers and sepsis coordinators across the country. The change from Sepsis Coordinator Network to Sepsis Alliance Clinical Community is being made in an effort to expand the reach and offerings available to healthcare providers seeking guidance in improving sepsis care in their facility, whether that is a long-term care facility, a hospital, or pharmacy, for example.  

Sepsis Alliance Voices is a grassroots initiative made up of sepsis survivors and advocates who are committed to using their voices to champion policies, legislation, and research that saves lives by increasing awareness, and improving sepsis diagnosis and treatment.  

Spectrum Science, an integrated marketing, communications, and media agency hyper-focused on science, led the efforts behind the rebrand. Jonathan Wilson, Spectrum’s Owner and CEO, joined the Sepsis Alliance Board of Directors last Fall and was excited to partner on this initiative. 

“We’re honored to support Sepsis Alliance through this major milestone,” said Wilson. “Together, we developed a dynamic new brand that I truly believe reflects the organization’s passion to their work and their commitment to the sepsis community.” 

The new branding is rolling out on and the organization’s social media channels starting today and will be reflected in all future communications materials.