Raising Sepsis Awareness Nationwide

October 22, 2019

Throughout Sepsis Awareness Month, healthcare facilities and partner organizations across the nation helped raise awareness of sepsis in their communities. Below we are highlighting some of the great work they did this past September.

If your organization planned and participated in Sepsis Awareness Month activities this past September and you would like them included in the below article, please email us a blurb about the activity and a photo(s) to info@sepsis.org with the subject line “Sepsis Awareness Month Activities.”

Lisa Johnson and Keck Medical Center of USC, Los Angeles CA:

USC Sepsis Awareness Month

Lisa and her team at Keck Medical Center of USC (University of Southern California) deployed close to a dozen sepsis awareness initiatives during September. Below are some highlights:

  • Sepsis Refresher & Empowerment chats at every unit’s huddle
  • Spotlight on Sepsis for Clinical Nurse Lead Learning Sessions (30-60 min) small group sessions; total of 75 CNLs participated
  • Sepsis Challenge-BEAT THE CLOCK; Innovative game-teams of 1-3 MDs or RNs have 6 minutes (Each minute representing the 6 hour bundle) to successfully diagnose the type of sepsis, then identify the appropriate interventions within the time windows; Best time after all sessions will be awarded a trophy, bragging rights, and gift cards; giveaways of ink pens with interventions plus more for every participant
  • Sepsis Alliance infographic and flyers in all hospital elevators
  • Roving Rounds: Shared Governance Quality Council—Peer-to-Peer Education & Awareness campaign

Katherine Carnes and Meadows Regional Medical Center, Vidalia, GA

Sepsis Awareness MonthDuring September, Katherine and the team at Meadows Regional Medical Center in Vidalia, GA, worked to “educate as many folks as possible about sepsis.” Katherine wrote, “Education events here at our hospital, our physician offices, and our urgent care are just the beginning.  We also have been able to reach out to our community via health fairs, local groups such as Diabetes Management and Cabbage Patch groups, Kiwanis, Skilled Nursing Facilities, volunteer organizations, and our social media accounts.  We are also reaching out to our department of public health offices and telehealth agencies within our area.  Currently, there is no sepsis network here within the state of Georgia and so it is important to us to help grow that network by reaching out to any and all sepsis professionals within our state or region to increase knowledge and activities here in the south.”




Rebecca Keefer and Lewis County General Hospital, Lowville, NY

Sepsis Awareness Month

Rebecca and her team at Lewis County General Hospital in Lowville, NY, set up a sepsis awareness display in the hospital’s main lobby for an entire week in September. Rebecca wrote “We also handed out buttons(pins) to nurses during September that had sepsis criteria or symptoms on them. We also placed a ‘Toilet Paper Tribune’ on sepsis in nursing bathrooms in both the Nursing Home and Hospital to help raise awareness and increase sepsis recognition at our facility!”




Li Lacey and Twin Cities Hospital, Niceville, FL

Li and the team at Twin Cities Hospital in Niceville, FL, raised sepsis awareness in September by participating in the World Sepsis Day Picture challenge.

Sepsis Awareness Month






Elaine Maduzla and Houston Methodist The Woodlands Hospital, TX

Elaine and her team at Houston Methodist The Woodlands Hospital observed Sepsis Awareness Month with a Sepsis Pizza Party. Elain wrote, “the event included sharing our sepsis journey poster presentations, games including building toy pizzas, designing t-shirts for sepsis work team members and a pizza lunch…”






The team at bioMérieux

During Sepsis Awareness Month, bioMérieux helped educate patients, healthcare providers, and policymakers about sepsis. They engaged in strategic communications across a variety of channels, including their blog, bioMérieux Connection, and social media platforms. They created and shared interactive videos, infographics and personal stories from bioMérieux employees who were impacted by sepsis. Employees emphasized that minutes matter, sepsis is an emergency that needs to be taken seriously, and warned against ignoring a lingering infection.





Tianne Larson and UCI Health, Orange, CA

UCI Sepsis AwarenessTianne and the UCI (University of California, Irvine) Health team in Orange, CA observed World Sepsis Day on September 13th. Tianne wrote, “…we celebrated World Sepsis Day on Sept. 13th by having a few educational tables, posters and games inside our cafeteria to promote sepsis awareness with staff as well as our patients and their families.”




Suzanne Miro and the New Jersey Department of Health, NJ

Sepsis Awareness MonthIn addition to helping pass a Sepsis Awareness Month resolution in New Jersey, the New Jersey Department of Health (NJDOH), led by Suzanne Miro, spread sepsis awareness through their social media, a webinar, and a display at the NJDOH Population Health Summit.




410 Medical, NC

During Sepsis Awareness Month, 410 Medical held a happy hour for medical start-ups. At the event, Dr. Hilary Spangler, a physician and sepsis survivor, spoke about her personal experience with sepsis and gave a general overview of the condition. Heather, from 410 Medical, wrote, “…I really think we made quite the impression on a group that probably didn’t know anything about sepsis and how dangerous it is.”





Darla Osaba and the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs in Pittsburgh

Sepsis Awareness MonthDarla set up the first-ever sepsis awareness display at the Veterans Affairs clinic in Pittsburgh. She wrote, “I educated visitors and staff on recognizing and promptly getting effective treatment for sepsis. Thanks again to Sepsis Alliance for getting me started.”






Thank you to everyone who used our Sepsis Awareness Month toolkit to raise awareness this September. Look for the 2020 kit early next summer, and sign up for our email newsletter to make sure you don’t miss it. Remember, you can raise awareness all year long. If you didn’t get a chance to plan an activity in September, plan it now! Use the above ideas to kickstart your event. For more information on how to use Sepsis Alliance trademarked and copyrighted materials, click here.

If your organization planned and participated in Sepsis Awareness Month activities this past September and you would like them included in this article, please email us a blurb about the activity and a photo(s) to info@sepsis.org with the subject line “Sepsis Awareness Month Activities.”