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New Resource: “Sepsis and…” Topic Videos

July 15, 2021

Earlier this month, Sepsis Alliance posted three videos in its popular Sepsis and… series of topics related to sepsis. Sepsis Alliance created this new resource for people who prefer to listen to health information rather than read it.

The first videos on the site are:

Along with a description of how the topic relates to sepsis, the speaker describes the TIME memory aid to help people identify the most common signs of sepsis:


This project was conceived as part of Sepsis Alliance’s commitment to fostering equity, diversity, and inclusion while educating the public and healthcare professionals about sepsis and post-sepsis issues.

Visitors can find the videos in their corresponding “Sepsis and…” section or in the video library. Clinicians may also refer patients and family members to these videos. These resources are particularly helpful for people who may have difficulty reading or comprehending the written word. They may also help those whose first language is not English.

To view more videos on sepsis, such as Faces of Sepsis, Life After Sepsis, Sepsis 911, and more, visit the Sepsis Alliance Video Library.