New PGA TOUR Magazine Campaign Launches With Marc and Audrey Leishman’s Begin Again Foundation

July 11, 2017

Sepsis Alliance, the nation’s leading sepsis patient advocacy group, has launched a new marketing campaign in PGA TOUR Magazine. The ad, appearing in both web and print, is a collaboration between Sepsis Alliance and Begin Again Foundation, featuring the Leishman family as they recount Audrey Leishman’s struggle against sepsis. 

Sepsis Alliance Ad in PGA TOUR Magazine

San Diego, CA – Sepsis Alliance is pleased to announce the launch of a new sepsis awareness campaign in PGA TOUR Magazine. The initiative is a collaboration between Sepsis Alliance and Begin Again Foundation, and features professional golfer Marc Leishman, his wife Audrey, and sons Oliver and Harvey.

The campaign was inspired by Audrey’s dramatic fight for survival against sepsis. In 2015, Audrey developed toxic shock syndrome (TSS), which quickly cascaded into sepsis. As she fought for her life, Audrey’s doctors did not know if she would survive. Her husband, who had been getting ready to play in the Masters Tournament, officially withdrew from competition and raced home to be by her side.

After being in a coma for five days, Audrey survived, but continues to suffer from some lasting effects from sepsis, such as fatigue and weakness. After her close brush with death, Marc and Audrey realized that they had an opportunity to help others who had gone through similar trauma. Together, they started the Begin Again Foundation to assist survivors of sepsis, TSS, and ARDS with one-time grants that could be used towards meeting these patient’s most pressing needs.

For their tireless work in giving back to the community, the Begin Again Foundation was the first-ever recipient of Sepsis Alliance’s Erin Kay Flatley Spirit Award in 2016.

“Launching a new national media campaign is a major milestone for Sepsis Alliance, and we are incredibly proud to be working closely with Begin Again Foundation,” said Thomas Heymann, Executive Director of Sepsis Alliance. “Audrey’s fight against sepsis, as well as the support and love provided by Marc and the entire Leishman family, is a powerful story. We are thankful to the Leishmans for making this a reality, and excited to be shining a spotlight on the great work that Begin Again Foundation is doing, while raising sepsis awareness at the same time.”

The campaign is taking place exclusively in PGA TOUR Magazine, and will be included in 10 million copies of the publication. In addition, a banner ad featuring the Leishmans will run on the magazine’s website. Major funding for the campaign was provided by bioMérieux, as well as individual donors who wished to support the organization’s first major nationwide advertising initiative.

“I strongly believe that awareness will save lives and Sepsis Alliance is spearheading that movement,” said Audrey Leishman in 2016 when she was announced as the first recipient of the Erin Kay Flatley Spirit Award. “I want to support their efforts in any way possible and I truly believe that our partnership can and will save lives.”

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