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Juneteenth: Reflection on Systemic Racism

June 19, 2020

Today is Juneteenth, one of the oldest celebrations, commemorating the end of slavery in the United States. As the terrible injustices of recent events have made extremely evident, despite the end of slavery, our country continues to be plagued by racial inequality. Today, as individuals and as an organization, Sepsis Alliance is reflecting on the current state of racial inequities and injustices in our country and what part we can play in achieving equality for all.

The long-lasting effects of slavery in the form of systemic racism are apparent in every aspect of our society, including healthcare. That is why Sepsis Alliance has made health equity a pillar of our work and achieving it a measure of success in all our goals. In addition to continuing to amplify black voices in all our communications, we are putting focus during our upcoming conference, The Sepsis Alliance Summit, to understanding and addressing inequities in prevention, diagnosis, and treatment in healthcare.

We encourage our community to take action today in support of justice and equality. Listed below are several organizations that work to ensure all people receive quality healthcare. You can learn more about Juneteenth at

National Birth Equity Collaborative:

Black Mamas Matter Alliance:

Black Health Matters:

Black Women’s Health Imperative: