Faces of Sepsis Helps Healthcare Professionals

February 14, 2018

Interview with Thomas Heymann, Sepsis Alliance Executive Director 

On February 13th Sepsis Alliance Executive Director Thomas Heymann was a special guest on the Infection Prevention Spotlight podcast, hosted by Kara Mullane. They discuss the history of Sepsis Alliance, why awareness of the condition is so vital in the community and among healthcare professionals, treatment and management of sepsis, and antibiotic stewardship.  

Kara, a nurse and infection preventionist, also asked Tom about the Faces of Sepsis section of the sepsis.org website, where survivors and family members have the opportunity to share their experiences with sepsis. “As a healthcare professional, I don’t usually hear those stories,” Kara said in the podcast.  

There are over 700 stories currently on the site and while their original intent was to help give survivors and loved ones a voice, over time, these stories have helped healthcare professionals understand the lasting effect that sepsis can have on patients and their families. 

The segment was broadcast on February 13 and is  now available  on the Infection Prevention Spotlight website. These podcasts are produced for healthcare professionals who are responsible for infection prevention in their facility or workplace.