A Decision on SEP-1

April 29, 2022

Sepsis Alliance commends the National Quality Forum (NQF) Appeals Board for dismissing the submitted appeal of NQF #0500: The Severe Sepsis and Septic Shock Early Management Bundle, also known as “SEP-1.”  Since its initial endorsement by NQF, SEP-1 has been saving lives and limbs, in large part due to its evidence-based focus on timely recognition and early therapeutic intervention. Because SEP-1 offers a standardized process for every patient with sepsis or suspected sepsis, it encourages closing gaps in sepsis outcomes across race, socioeconomic status, geography, and insurance type, and it supports hospital leadership in retaining focus on the possibility of sepsis in every case. Today’s decision by the Appeals Board will keep sepsis—the leading cost of care and cause of death in U.S. hospitals—at the forefront of clinical discourse, where it belongs. 

We thank NQF for its work making evidence-based determinations to improve care quality for all patients, and we support the ongoing efforts to modify SEP-1 in response to updated evidence. 

There is certainly still work to be done. We will continue to pursue quality improvement initiatives that benefit sepsis patients, as well as better public and provider sepsis education and policy solutions. Today’s decision paves the way for continued improvement.