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Bug is a friendly ladybug who loves to help children learn about preventing infections so they can be healthy. Alyssia Aguilar created Bug in loving memory of her son Mark Anthony II, who was taken by sepsis when he was only 16 days old.

Bug was inspired by the spirit of Erin “Bug” Flatley, an aspiring teacher who passed away from sepsis when she was 23 years old.  After losing Erin, her father Carl Flatley, DDS, MSD, founded Sepsis Alliance. In her memory, Carl and Sepsis Alliance developed Erin’s Campaign for Kids, to help combat the high incidence and mortality rates of sepsis among children. To learn more about the campaign, click here.

Bug Helps You Learn to Stay Sepsis Safe

Bug's Angels

Bug’s Angels represent the children whose lives have been lost to sepsis. Sepsis is the leading cause of death in babies and small children worldwide, taking more lives than childhood cancers in the United States. We remember and honor their lives, their spirits, and their smiles by celebrating them as Bug’s Angels.

Arabella Jean Oberg

Bug's Angels, Tribute

Our sweet Arabella was born on September 12th, 2019, healthy at 5lbs 14oz, welcomed by her two fathers, two older brothers and tons of family. She blessed us with her happy little face for 2 months and 10 days, before she gained her angel wings. Never, ever did I expect to lose a child and certainly not as suddenly and unexpectedly as I lost my sweet baby. On November 20th I took Arabella out of her basinet and she was sweaty. Got her undressed, changed her diaper and checked her temp again, it was 102.9 and she wasn’t her normal …

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Gracelynn Hope L.

Bug's Angels, Tribute, Bug's Angels, Tribute

My daughter, Gracelynn Hope, passed away at 7 months old from sepsis. She was born at 33 weeks September 22, 2017, and she passed May 5, 2018. (Sepsis and Children) Gracelynn had Noonan syndrome which was a rare genetic mutation, and malrotation of the intestines. She was thriving after her surgery and we were going to bring her home. (Sepsis and Surgery) December 15th, 2017, she went into respiratory failure and had to be placed on the vent for the first time ever. They could not get her off so the hospital suggested a trach. She got her trach April …

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Prince Foote

Bug's Angels, Tribute, Bug's Angels, Tribute, Bug's Angels, Tribute

In Honor of Pediatric Sepsis Awareness Week 4/21/19-4/27/19 we are sharing Prince Foote story, in hopes of bringing light and awareness to pediatric sepsis shock . 75,000 children develop sepsis each year.  Can you spot the signs and know the importance of T.I.M.E? At 3:11pm on 12/16/17, 2-year-old Prince woke up from a nap he took with his siblings every weekend while my mom cleaned. He went for a drink of his sippy cup off the kitchen counter and as he reached for it he somehow knocked over the bucket of boiling water his mom was mopping with. She had …

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Anya Coronel

Bug's Angels, Tribute, Bug's Angels, Tribute, Bug's Angels, Tribute, Bug's Angels, Tribute

Anya is my baby. Now, she is in heaven.  On April 18. 2009, Anya was born in Los Banos, Laguna, a science and nature town 60 kilometers south of Metro Manila, Philippines. At my fifth month of pregnancy and during my routine ultrasound scan, my OB-Gyne noticed water in Anya’s head. The doctor told us that the baby might have hydrocephalus and advised us to see a neurosurgeon. My husband and I went to see a neurosurgeon in one of the Philippines’ best hospitals. What he told us was quite devastating – Anya had hydrocephalus and with that amount of …

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Mason Kekoa Macloves

Bug's Angels, Tribute, Bug's Angels, Tribute, Bug's Angels, Tribute, Bug's Angels, Tribute, Bug's Angels, Tribute

On June 5, 2015, we welcomed our first child, Mason Kekoa. Born early at 33 weeks, Mason weighed just 4lbs 0.4 oz and was 16.14 inches long. Despite his tiny frame however, Mason was born perfectly healthy. In the months that followed, Mason quickly caught up to national growth comparisons of full-term babies by the time he turned 3 months old… an accomplishment that had his doctors in awe. On Monday, January 25, 2016, Mason underwent a surgical procedure to fix a non-life threatening and common condition, where chances of complications were less than 3%. The surgery went fine and we …

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Resources for Kids

It’s not easy to talk to children about sepsis and preventing infection, especially if a loved one has sepsis. Thankfully, Bug is here to help. With Bug as a guide, we’ve developed kid-friendly resources to teach children about sepsis and infection prevention. Check them out below.

My Guide to Sepsis and the Intensive Care Unit

Having a loved one sick in the hospital can be really confusing. In this guide, Bug helps children understand sepsis and the ICU.


My Guide to Sepsis and the Intensive Care Unit – Children

Bug Coloring Book

Download this printable coloring book to help children learn about preventing infections. Infection prevention equals sepsis prevention.

Download Now

My Guide to Sepsis and the Intensive Care Unit – Children