Join the Sepsis Challengers

Participate in a run, walk, bike ride, or any other event and represent Sepsis Alliance by becoming a Sepsis Challenger! Choose your activity, set up a fundraising page, order your t-shirt, and start training. You can recruit teammates and supporters to help raise sepsis awareness. Here’s how:

  • Choose your event. You can participate in any existing event in your community – a 5k, marathon, tournament etc.
  • Set up your fundraising page. Personalize your page to tell readers why you are raising sepsis awareness and funds for Sepsis Alliance. Let them know what activity or event you are participating in and invite them to join you.Click here to get started, then choose “Sepsis Challengers.”
  • Order your Sepsis Challengers t-shirt. Visit our store and choose your style to order. Wear your t-shirt while training and during the event to raise sepsis awareness.
  • Start training and have fun!