Support Sepsis Alliance in our mission through a planned gift and help us achieve our goals in raising sepsis awareness and increasing funding for education on sepsis. You can give in many ways, and we are excited to partner with you through these options.

Wills and Living Trusts

You care about Sepsis Alliance’s legacy prevailing for years to come, and you can help us ensure that it does. By leaving money to Sepsis Alliance in your will or living trust, you can determine how much and how often you are giving, with the flexibility of changing your will in the event that life circumstances change.

Here is sample bequest language you can take to your attorney.

a. GENERAL TESTAMENTARY GIFT: SPECIFIC MONETARY AMOUNT: I hereby give and bequeath _______________________ Dollars ($__________________) to Sepsis Alliance, located at 1855 1st Ave., Suite 102, San Diego, California 92101, or its successors-in-interest, to be used for general purposes.

b. GENERAL TESTAMENTARY GIFT: PERCENTAGE OF RESIDUE OF ESTATE: I hereby give and bequeath ________ percent (_____%) of the rest and residue of my estate to Sepsis Alliance, located at 1855 1st Ave., Suite 102, San Diego, California 92101, or its successors-in-interest, to be used for general purposes.

Please contact Tom Heymann at for additional information on including Sepsis Alliance in your will or living trust.

Gifts of Stock and Appreciated Assets

Why make a gift of stocks or appreciated assets?

There are many financial benefits of making a gift of appreciated stocks, bonds, or mutual funds that you have owned for at least one year. Not only will you pay no capital gains tax on the asset, but you also receive an immediate tax deduction for the fair market value of the securities you gifted.  Below is an illustration that shows you would save $1,500 by making the same $10,000 gift using appreciated securities.

Gift of Stock              Gift of Cash

Gift Amount:                                                             $10,000                     $10,000

Income Tax Savings (25% Tax Bracket):                 $2,500                        $2,500

Capital Gains Tax Avoided:                                       $1,500                         None

Total Tax Savings:                                                     $4,000                       $2,500

Net Cost of Your Gift:                                                $6,000                       $7,500

To learn more about making a gift of appreciated assets or other tax-saving estate gifts, please contact Tom Heymann at

Memorials and Tribute Gifts

If you have a loved one who has been affected by sepsis, you can honor them by establishing a memorial or tribute gift in their name. This lasting tribute can be made through cash or appreciated securities and will make a difference to those who may be impacted by sepsis now and in the future.

Please contact Tom Heymann at for more information on creating a memorial gift at Sepsis Alliance.

For More Information:

If you do generously include us in your plans, please use our correct legal information and feel free to email us at You can also reach us at (619) 232-0300.

Legal Name: Sepsis Alliance

Address: 1855 First Ave., Suite 102 San Diego, CA 92101

Federal Tax ID Number: 38-3110993