sepsis, sepsis survivor, hospital dischargeCongratulations! You’ve been discharged from the hospital. Whether you spent a few days or a few weeks (or longer) as a patient, recovery from sepsis or septic shock can take a long time. Every person is different in terms of how long it will take to recover and how hard they have to work, but the important thing is to ensure you have as many of the tools you need in order to recuperate.

Sepsis Alliance has put together a checklist of questions, tasks or items you may need for this next step. The list is not definitive though. It does not represent everything that you may need so there are some blank spaces for you to add your own, depending on what your healthcare team has suggested.

The list is divided into information you need as you are discharged from the hospital and information you will need once you are home.

Print out the list you need. Check off each box and add the required information, such as the resource person you spoke with, important dates, etc. There is also a place to add your own information if it is not listed.

Click here for the checklist.