Raise Sepsis Awareness in Your Community with the Sepsis 911 Community Education Presentation

The Sepsis 911 Community Education Presentation is a leader-guided presentation that allows anyone (members of the public, health providers, educators) to share information about sepsis with their community. Grassroots initiatives like this help more people learn about this life-threatening condition and we know that being knowledgeable about sepsis can help save lives. 

In the presentation kit, you’ll find everything you need for a successful Sepsis 911 Community Education Presentation. You will receive: 

  • Getting started overview
  • Presentation checklist
  • Customizable poster and presentation promotion materials
  • Leader’s guide (with instructions on planning and conducting a presentation)
  • Education presentation
  • Sepsis 911 video
  • Participant attendee sheet
  • Attendee pre- and post-event quizzes (with answer sheet)
  • Attendee surveys
  • Leader feedback form

Thank you for raising sepsis awareness in your community!

If you have questions, need any support, or have any feedback on the presentation materials please email us at info@sepsis.org.

New offering: Sepsis 911 and Aging Community Education Kit. Click here to get the education kit for older adults.

Presentation Instructor Material Download

Please fill out the information below to receive the Sepsis 911 Community Education kit: 

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