Upcoming events:

Spike Out Sepsis – Columbus, Ohio – June 10, 2017

The first ever Spike Out Sepsis was held in Columbus, Ohio, in 2009, with the goal of highlighting sepsis awareness and raising funds for Sepsis Alliance.

Meant to be fun for a serious cause, the Spike Out Sepsis model is likely quite different from the volleyball tournaments you may have watched or played before. As they say, “Any athletic accomplishments are purely accidental. If you want a great time and are willing to laugh at yourself, SOS is perfect. If you are looking for a very competitive athletic challenge with licensed professional officials, we ain’t it.”

Lifelines are also part of the game. A team may purchase a lifeline that forces the opposing team to serve with the non-dominant hand or “Let’s try that again,” when the last point doesn’t count.

Are you looking for a unique way for your group or organization to raise funds? If the idea of a sand volleyball tournament is appealing, why not go for it? You don’t need a beach – you just need some sand and some enthusiastic players, spectators, and volunteers.

For more information on how you can host a Spike Out Sepsis in your area, contact info@sepsis.org.