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Kelly Nguyen, MSN, RN, PHN

For over ten years Kelly has worked to improve care for patients with sepsis. With a background in emergency nursing and performance improvement, Kelly created the sepsis program for a hospital system in the Bay Area.  What started as a grant-funded trial evolved into a multifaceted, permanent program.  During the course of her leadership, a sustained 68% relative reduction in sepsis mortality was achieved.

In 2009 Ms. Nguyen earned a master’s degree in nursing administration with the completion of the field study: Sepsis Performance Improvement: The Role of the Registered Nurse 

Additionally, Kelly initiated a county collaborative of sepsis coordinators to enhance care delivery for patients with sepsis though out the healthcare continuum.

Kelly has presented both educational and facility specific outcomes at international, national, regional, and local venues such as: the International Sepsis Forum, the Surviving Sepsis Campaign and the Medical-Surgical Nursing Conference in San Francisco.  Ms. Nguyen is a founding Advisory Committee member of the Sepsis Coordinator Network.