Irina Ter-Ovanesyan

Stakeholder Engagement and Sepsis Innovation Research Intern

Irina is currently a senior at University of Rochester pursuing a career in healthcare improvement and policy. She will be attending medical school next fall to continue pursuing her passion.

Irina was first introduced to the field of sepsis diagnostics during her junior year through the International Genetically Engineered Machines competition (iGEM). Over 350 university teams from across the world competed to develop synthetic biology solutions to a prominent world problem. Her team, BioSpire, decided to develop a sepsis diagnostic tool that would detect biomarkers in the sweat of post-operative patients. You can read more about the innovative product here.

Through this project, Irina expanded her knowledge of sepsis through meetings with physicians, nurses, researchers, and activists, including representatives from Sepsis Alliance. Irina has now joined the team as the Stakeholder Engagement and Sepsis Innovation Research Intern and looks forward to contributing to Sepsis Alliance’s initiatives.