Daniela Linares

Community Engagement, Access, and Inclusion Intern

Daniela graduated from San Diego State University in the Spring of 2021 with her B.A in Psychology and a minor in Anthropology, with a special interest in health studies. During her undergraduate studies, she worked as a research assistant for an NIH study looking to understand indicators for health disparities in Latino and Hispanic communities across the United States. Her contributions to this study inspired her to pursue a masters in Clinical Social Work, specializing in medical and health studies. In her final year of graduate school, she will be working for the Sharp HealthCare oncology department providing psycho-social support and resources for patients battling chronic health issues.

Daniela is a native Spanish speaker with extensive experience working with minority groups in San Diego. She is eager to apply her public and behavioral health experience to Sepsis Alliance’s Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion programs.

When not in school or work, Daniela enjoys fitness, music, and travel. One of her personal goals for the year is to visit as many new countries and cities as possible, as she enjoys trying new foods and experiencing new cultures.