Celebrating National Nurses Week

May 9th, 2019

sepsis, nurses

National Nurses Week is drawing to a close and Sepsis Alliance is joining in on the annual public recognition of the people who choose to work in this profession. Everyone has had some contact with a nurse at some point in their life. For most, a nurse in the labor and delivery room was one of the first people to touch them.

Nurses are an integral part of the healthcare team and are often the first healthcare professionals you encounter if you’re ill, although they do work on disease prevention as well. They work in clinics, hospitals, offices, schools, camps, even in your own home. Like doctors, nurses can focus on certain specialties. Nurses can specialize in geriatrics, obstetrics, emergency, hospice, teaching, and even sepsis care. Most sepsis coordinators are nurses and they work hard to ensure their facilities are learning about sepsis identification, diagnosis, and management.

Nurses are also very educated. Degrees in nursing range from associate degrees to PhDs. In some places, a nurse practitioner is the primary healthcare professional instead of a doctor. Many nurses are asked why they went into nursing instead of becoming a doctor, particularly if they have advanced degrees. The reason is pretty simple. One is not better than the other – they are different professions with different approaches and goals.

Sepsis Alliance has a collection of over 1,000 stories in the Faces of Sepsis. Many are by nurses who either cared for patients with sepsis or who were patients themselves. Other stories credit nurses for identifying and advocating for patients with sepsis. Sepsis Alliance also works with nurses to develop the site’s content, such as the Sepsis and… section for the general public and the popular webinar series for healthcare professionals, which cover topics like sepsis in children, sepsis in older adults, and enhancing recovery from sepsis.

So, here is a hat tip to all the nurses and student nurses out there. Thank you for all the work you do.