Jill Kogan Blake, Sepsis Awareness Advocate

Jill Kogan Blake, Jill Blake, Sepsis HeroesVolunteers are often the unsung heroes when it comes to making change in the community. Sepsis Alliance recognizes the hard work of volunteers like sepsis survivor Jill Kogan Blake, who was named a 2018 Sepsis Hero for her tireless work educating her community about sepsis.

Jill started her involvement with sepsis awareness when she submitted her story to the Faces of Sepsis, describing her experience of being so ill and how difficult it was to recover from sepsis. She is now on a mission to educate others about the dangers of sepsis. “Raising awareness about sepsis empowers me as a crusader educating others about this serious medical emergency,” Jill, an artist, explains. “A poster with cartoon sepsis symptoms that I used for my 2016 September bake sale and awareness talk was saved by an owner of flotation cryotherapy tank establishment in Marin. One year later the cartoon symptoms strip on her desk helped her recognize that a potential client was in septic shock not just in need of cooling. She insisted that the daughters who brought their feverish father in that he be sent in an ambulance to Marin General Hospital immediately. And because of this, he survived!”

Jill hosts the annual Aquamania! Swim for Sepsis Awareness, which has raised over $50,000 to date to help fund awareness programs, such as the production of Sepsis: First Responders, a sepsis training video. She believes that now she will be able to do even more to raise awareness: “Being recognized by Sepsis Alliance enhances my clarity of focus by anchoring my genius with a real sense of belonging to an ever-widening circle of sepsis warriors who are making a difference.”